Plymouth 2024-07-12

Russell Roberts 64

Convicted rapist jailed again after being caught by paedophile hunters.
Durham 2024-07-12

David Greaves 42

Taxi driver took advantage of a female passenger's drunken condition, going on a “detour” to rape her in a secluded cemetery.
Norfolk 2024-07-12

Peter Esherwood 66

Historic sex offences against three children.
Manchester 2024-07-12

James Paterson 32

Sexual assault by penetration and three counts of sexual assault involving three different victims.
Halifax 2024-07-12

John Gaukroger 91

Found guilty of indecently assaulting a child nearly 50 years ago.
London 2024-07-11

Sam Price 25

Rape and assault of woman.
Fife 2024-07-11

Matthew Finlayson 33

Creep who sexually abused and secretly filmed a young girl.
Rotherham 2024-07-11

Andrew Wilcox 51

Sexually assaulted a young women.
Cornwall 2024-07-11

Aidan Treglown 31

Businessman jailed for historic child sex offences of a child under 13.
Wokingham 2024-07-11

James Dyer 37

Demanded sex and tried to drag woman out of car in Reading.
Edinburgh 2024-07-10

Christopher Harkins 37

Convicted of serious sexual and violent offences, including rape.
Leicester 2024-07-10

Jagdeep Singh 35

Rapist who claimed he was helping woman.
Scunthorpe 2024-07-10

Christopher Florides 62

Sexually assaulted teenage girls.
Wolverhampton 2024-07-10

Richard Haswell 62

Sex offender found in possession of 50,000 indecent images of children.
Lincoln 2024-07-09

David Saynor 76

Guilty of using his limousine company to groom and sexually abuse teenage girls.