Isle of Wight 2023-12-04

Reece Anderson 23

Former youth football coach convicted of possessing indecent images of children.
Aberdeen 2023-12-03

Anouar Ben 36

Married hotel barman raped teenager in bushes of a car park.
Durham 2023-12-02

Neville Jones 40

Committed 17 sexual offences against four young and vulnerable victims.
Bradford 2023-12-02

Terry James 53

Sex offender who secretly filmed victims.
Bideford 2023-12-01

Barry Taylor 57

Paedophile who kept a photo of a child as a screensaver on his secret phone.
Durham 2023-12-01

Richard Morland 47

Sadistic rapist carried out a horrific raft of sexual offences inflicted upon a vulnerable woman.
Blackpool 2023-12-01

Stephen Carruthers 64

Prolific child sex offender befriended family and babysat their children.
Worcestershire 2023-12-01

Adam Essex 41

Dangerous sex offender previously been found guilty of eight serious sexual offences including two counts of rape.
Moray 2023-11-30

Michael Ramsay 66

Businessman sexually assaulted two women.
Fife 2023-11-30

Mark Robertson 32

Masseuse who sexually assaulted a client.
Cambridge 2023-11-30

Adriano Repetti 46

Predator who pretended to be asleep while sexually assaulting lone women on trains.
Swansea 2023-11-30

Ian Mitchell 61

Paedophile who repeatedly breaks court orders designed to control his behaviour.
Yorkshire 2023-11-30

Matthew Nicholls 44

Convicted sex beast moved in with woman and kid without informing police.
Flintshire 2023-11-30

Terry Nicholas 36

Former footballer raped a sixth-form student while she slept.
London 2023-11-30

Dylan Makepeace 24

Pervert carried out 3 sex attacks in 30 minutes on women after following them to their homes.