Lanarkshire 2024-07-06

David Cooper 38

Series of sexual and violent offences.
Lanarkshire 2024-07-01

Roddy Kerr 47

Predator jailed after sex attack on woman he claims he thought was his wife.
Lanarkshire 2024-04-02

Thomas Proctor 43

Social worker convicted for a series of rapes and sexual assaults.
Lanarkshire 2024-01-17

Scott Smith 34

Sex offender who threatened to share naked Snapchat images of young women.
Lanarkshire 2024-01-15

Stephen Mahoney 78

Pervert who abused four children committing more than 500 child sex offences.
Lanarkshire 2023-11-18

William Tierney 52

Dad sexually assaulted teen girl in sickening hot tub attack.
Lanarkshire 2023-11-16

Siobhan McLean 33

Teacher who had sex with 15-year-old pupil.
Lanarkshire 2023-10-31

Edward Lochrie 40

Married man raped colleague in her own home.
Lanarkshire 2023-08-08

Jamie Starrs 20

Raped schoolgirl five months before she was sexually assaulted and murdered by her older brother.
Lanarkshire 2023-08-07

Craig Wallace 41

Paedophile bus driver abused three children over a period of 15 years.
Lanarkshire 2023-08-03

Neil Peters 64

Sending indecent messages and pictures to young girls he believed were just 13 and 14 years old.
Lanarkshire 2023-05-29

Steven Puttock 26

Bed-hopping sexual predator who targeted five women.
Lanarkshire 2023-05-15

Gerald Crawley 61

Former labour councillor convicted of a series of sexual assaults on a woman.
Lanarkshire 2023-03-30

Scott Mathieson 53

Cross dressing engineer who flashed fake breasts at elderly victims.
Lanarkshire 2022-12-15

Kriss Strachan 26

Sex offender who raped 91-year-old stalked a woman.