Due to submissions being anomnous we will not be able to contact you regarding them not meeting our guidelines, these submissions will not be accepted. Please read the guidelines thoroughly.


View this example to see how the information should be presented.


  • Must be convicted of a sexual offence.
  • Submission must contain a photo.
  • Where possible add a postcode (which will be used for future features).
  • Offenders must reside in the UK.
  • The source must be reputable such as a news article or police update, contain accurate information and confirm the offender's image.

Useful Information


Must be in JPEG or PNG format anything else will fail submission.

Submitting couples:

  • Name must be comma separated e.g. John Smith, Jane Smith
  • Age must be comma separated e.g. 43, 54
  • Sex use alternative dual sex option from dropdown e.g. Male & Female
  • Location if at different residents but the same city enter two locations, if not do two separate submissions.
Conviction/Article Date