Cheshire 2024-07-08

Eric Mottershead 60

Found guilty of a string of sex offences.
Cheshire 2024-07-05

Gary McVeigh 47

Paedophile who stashed used and soiled nappies.
Cheshire 2024-06-28

Daniel Allcock 27

Sex offender posed as teenager to groom girl, 15, online.
Cheshire 2024-06-25

George Johnson, Vincenzo Montessori 20,20

Vile teens 'took it in turns' to sexually assault woman at house party and filmed it.
Cheshire 2024-06-13

Mark Foster 62

Convicted of a series of sexual abuse on a young girl.
Cheshire 2024-05-30

Nicholas Moxham 52

Depraved man found guilty of string of intrusive and heinous crimes against women.
Cheshire 2024-05-17

Lewis Spencer 23

Prolific sex offender who repeatedly filmed himself carrying out indecent acts.
Cheshire 2024-04-19

Gareth Lambert 31

Pub Landlord guilty of rape and sexual assault offences.
Cheshire 2024-04-16

Nicholas Hatton 34

Admitted sexually abusing young boys online.
Cheshire 2024-04-16

Richard Hughes 54

Physiotherapist who carried out a sex attack on an elderly client at his clinic.
Cheshire 2024-04-12

Martin Bartrop 35

Caught in possession of hundreds of depraved images of a sexual nature involving animals.
Cheshire 2024-04-02

Peter Griffiths 52

Guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a girl under 16 and one of inciting the same girl into sexual activity.
Cheshire 2024-03-27

Jordan Leiper 27

Registered sex offender caught downloading child abuse images, and subsequently found to have been abusing a young girl.
Cheshire 2024-03-26

Iain Nash 46

Cyber forensics expert who mistakenly sent a hard drive loaded with child sexual abuse images to his employer.
Cheshire 2024-03-14

Alan Mercer 58

Indecently exposed himself in front of children playing in woods.