London 2024-02-19

David Berbers 21

Raped a girl under the age of 16.
London 2024-02-16

Salman Yousaf 43

Sexually assaulted a sleeping woman.
London 2024-02-08

Bujar Jashari, Rinor Korqa 34,25

Two sex offenders who filmed the vile rape of a woman in a car.
London 2024-01-31

Robert MacLennan 70

Sexually abusing child in Islington in the 1980s
London 2024-01-18

Andrii Melnyk 30

Sexual predator caught by his oyster card.
London 2024-01-16

Darren Barrett 40

Historic sex offences against a child.
London 2024-01-12

Abdifatah Mohamud 35

Raped a woman twice in the toilets Kings Cross railway station.
London 2024-01-02

Mukesh Shah 43

Masturbating on board a train in front of a lone woman.
London 2023-12-13

Ilie Preda 56

Pervert who sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl on a train.
London 2023-12-08

Ryan Johnston 37

Depraved sex offender who masturbated in front of two women before going onto rape another while she was unconscious.
London 2023-11-30

Dylan Makepeace 24

Pervert carried out 3 sex attacks in 30 minutes on women after following them to their homes.
London 2023-11-29

James Bodenham 36

Paedophile who raped child offends again three days after prison release.
London 2023-11-26

Michael O’Mahoney 38

Paedophile ex-soldier guilty of child sex offences with a girl he thought was just 14.
London 2023-11-23

Garret Kelly 62

London Underground worker attempted to meet 13-year old girl for sex.
London 2023-11-16

Hailu Getemariam 24

Sex offender who repeatedly groped and touched young woman on trains and tubes across London.