Blackpool 2024-01-27

Karen Robb 48

Pervert mother who flashed teenage boy back in prison.
Blackpool 2023-12-01

Stephen Carruthers 64

Prolific child sex offender befriended family and babysat their children.
Blackpool 2023-07-09

David Dutton 67

Paedophile jailed for arranging sex meet-ups with children online.
Blackpool 2023-05-16

William Walker 60

Former DUP councillor guilty to one charge of attempted sexual communication with a child.
Blackpool 2023-04-03

Mark Stephens 67

Convicted paedophile who travelled more than 150 miles to meet a child for sex.
Blackpool 2023-01-03

Zachary Jackson 28

Sex offender's burgling spree saw him steal a Mercedes and £17k of jewellery.
Blackpool 2022-09-07

Stuart Pyle 48

Sexually abusing a young girl more than 10 years ago.
Blackpool 2022-05-25

Marc Manning 37

Perverted health worker molested men across Cumbria.
Blackpool 2022-03-21

Osas Amayo 36

Raped vulnerable teenage girl.
Blackpool 2022-03-17

Stephen Pennington 35

Raping a child in 2009 then breaching sexual harm prevention order.
Blackpool 2022-03-15

Ian Nixon 58

Rapist who abused 6 year old boy three decades ago.
Blackpool 2021-09-05

Gregory Witham 41

A paedophile who repeatedly tried to rape a girl was arrested after she wrote "I want to die" on a school computer.
Blackpool 2018-11-01

Ryan Garside 23

Sexually abused a number of young girls.
Blackpool 2013-05-15

Grant Pearson 29

19-year-old had sex with a 14-year-old girl.
Blackpool 2013-01-17

Kenneth Trotter 89

“An exceptionally dangerous man” Paedophile pensioner jailed after being kicked out of Australia.