Moray 2006-08-15

William Duncan, Lisa Stuart 40,40

Couple filmed themselves raping a nine-year-old girl.
Southampton 2006-07-28

Simon Thomas 62

Church minister who pleaded guilty to 35 counts of child abuse, including two charges of raping an 11-year-old boy.
Shetland 2006-06-20

Dean Hughson 38

Taking or making 237 indecent photographs and 27 moving pictures.
Salisbury 2006-06-17

Barnaby Dowling 64

Priest had one hundred and sixteen indecent images of children.
Dumfries 2006-05-24

Paul Adair 47

Sex beast has been found guilty of subjecting two women to heinous ordeals.
Wakefield 2006-05-20

John Hall 53

Sadistic prison officer raped four women and kidnapped a series of teenage girls while posing as a policeman.
Brighton 2006-04-20

Kevin Hazelwood 58

Paedophile repeatedly raped 9-year-old girl.
Somerset 2006-04-13

Arthur Waite 83

Paedophile had sex with two under-age girls while filming his disgusting acts on a hidden video camera.
Southsea 2006-03-30

Johnny Law 56

Sex with a schoolgirl after giving her cannabis has been convicted of raping another after also giving her the drug.
Shetland 2005-11-29

Stephen Duncan 63

Lifeguard who sexually abused four young boys over a period of 17 years.
Essex 2005-08-19

Michael Taylor 93

Sexually assaulted teenagers at petting zoo.
Dartford 2005-05-25

Gavin Seagers 53

Convicted paedophile who was working with children.
Cornwall 2004-12-18

Paul Bickerstaff 66

Former Sunday school teacher admitted performing oral sex on an underage girl.
Cardiff 2004-12-16

John Currell 62

Millionaire property investor who indecently assaulted a 16-year-old girl.
Cardiff 2004-12-10

Kevin Williams 69

Retired community policeman committed string of sex attacks on a schoolgirl.