Bradford 2024-01-12

Habib-Ur Rehman 40

Raped and abused the young girl.
Bradford 2023-12-14

Ashley Nibbs 34

Raped young school girl.
Bradford 2023-12-02

Terry James 53

Sex offender who secretly filmed victims.
Bradford 2023-10-06

Rizwan Hussain 44

Sick predator who exposed himself to children.
Bradford 2023-09-20

Kieran Neal 21

Predator performed sex act, grabbed woman's breast then stalked her.
Bradford 2023-08-16

Vira Hussaini 35

Raped a woman who was left with serious injuries.
Bradford 2023-08-03

Shehid Mehmood 52

Guilty of a catalogue of sick sex offences committed against a young girl.
Bradford 2023-07-14

Dale Osborne 43

Guilty of 22 offences including rape and threats to kill.
Bradford 2023-07-05

Assad Khan 55

Taxi driver raped woman while she was almost unconscious.
Bradford 2023-07-04

Peter Francis 68

Former cub scout leader sent back to prison for abusing boy.
Bradford 2023-06-23

Sergejs Litvins 27

Drunken sexual assault on a woman.
Bradford 2023-06-22

Julian Barnes 50

Possessed more than 1700 indecent images of children.
Bradford 2023-06-14

Daren Skillings 57

Persistent sex offender who got away with his crimes against two young girls went on to rape another child.
Bradford 2023-04-28

Nathan Roe 21

Groomed two teenage boys over social media and tried to meet up with them for sexual activity.
Bradford 2023-04-06

David Smith 35

Paedophile jailed after six years of raping child.