Newcastle 2024-07-08

Stephen Frame 34

Raped and sexually assaulted the girl numerous times.
Newcastle 2024-07-07

Barry Parker 66

Sex offender back in court for failing to tell police of address change.
Newcastle 2024-07-01

Andrew McGowan 58

Sex offender failed to tell police that he was homeless and that he had a new address.
Newcastle 2024-05-31

Paul Cummings 38

Sex offender caught using Snapchat and WhatsApp on his phone.
Newcastle 2024-05-02

Christopher Seymour 51

Sending graphic snaps to decoy '14-year-old'.
Newcastle 2024-04-23

Mark Fairman 24

Raped a teenage girl.
Newcastle 2024-04-19

Samtex Wangchuck 21

Sexually assaulted women her on her doorstep.
Newcastle 2024-04-12

Martin Rhodes 52

Sex offender tried to encourage a 14-year-old 'girl' to perform a sex act.
Newcastle 2024-04-04

Andrew Snook 56

Offered a young boy ice cream before committing a sexual offence against him.
Newcastle 2024-02-02

Abdul Ezedi

Convicted sex offender and suspect in an alkali attack in south London.
Newcastle 2023-12-07

Fraser Brennan 35

Pet-collecting paedophile who sexually abused two youngsters.
Newcastle 2023-11-21

Leslie Fletcher 76

Paid to watch children be sexually abused in the Philippines.
Newcastle 2023-11-04

Alemshah Amin 27

Pervert loitered in bushes outside primary school carrying out sex act while children played.
Newcastle 2023-10-31

Roy Drummond 35

Pervert filmed himself in lingerie while trying to have a sex chat with a 12-year-old.
Newcastle 2023-10-15

Warren Richardson 19

Raped teenage girl after offering to charge her phone.