Isle of Wight 2023-12-04

Reece Anderson 23

Former youth football coach convicted of possessing indecent images of children.
Isle of Wight 2023-11-01

Christopher Peach 61

Admitting sexual assaults against a woman.
Isle of Wight 2023-06-13

Vincent Roberts 57

Former healthcare worker who used his position to sexually abuse vulnerable patients.
Isle of Wight 2023-02-23

Joshua Pelling 36

Depraved paedophile who blackmailed children across the UK and USA.
Isle of Wight 2023-02-20

Daryll Pitcher 47

Councillor found guilty of historic child rape charges.
Isle of Wight 2022-12-01

David Gower 71

Carried out non-recent child sex offences on.
Isle of Wight 2022-11-23

Andrew Taylor 60

Filmed females for his own sexual gratification.
Isle of Wight 2022-10-04

Graham Medway 63

Serial sex offender raped a three-year-old girl in broad daylight.
Isle of Wight 2022-05-31

Paul Allen 39

Arranging the commission of a child sexual offence.
Isle of Wight 2022-05-20

David Wells 48

Raping a child on no less than 6 occasions.
Isle of Wight 2022-05-09

Paul Elvins 47

Attempting to meet an underage boy for sex and sending sexual communications to 21 other children.
Isle of Wight 2022-04-11

Michael Smith 59

Child sex offender abused 10-year old boy.
Isle of Wight 2022-02-18

Keaton Martin 26

Number of child sex abuse offences.
Isle of Wight 2021-11-09

Harry Simmonds 24

A PAEDOPHILE known as Baby Harry for his tendency to wear nappies, has been jailed.
Isle of Wight 2021-10-15

Martin Phillip Simms 44

Isle of Wight man jailed for Sexual Harm Prevention Order breaches.