Newcastle 2024-07-07

Barry Parker 66

Sex offender back in court for failing to tell police of address change.

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Offender ID: O-5994


Wilfred Street Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear, NE6


A sex offender has found himself in court once again - this time for failing to tell police about a change of address.

Barry Parker was given a lengthy prison sentence in the mid-1990s for a sexual offence and is on the sex offenders register. But the 66-year-old has committed breaches of his order on several occasions in the past and has once again been hauled back into court.

On Wednesday, Parker, of Byker Bridge House, Byker, appeared at Newcastle Magistrates' Court facing a charge of failing to comply with notification requirements. He pleaded guilty to the single offence, which dates back to March 22 this year.

The court heard that in January 1996, Parker had been jailed for seven years for sexual offending - the details of which were not given during proceedings. As well as his prison sentence, he was also put on the sex offenders register, meaning he must comply with certain conditions - one of which is notifying police of a change of address.

But Parker breached the order this year when he moved address and failed to notify police. Stephen Davies, prosecuting, said: "It became apparent with [police] that he was no longer living at his registered address. Police were notified that he was living at Byker Bridge House and failed to register the change of address. He was arrested and interviewed and explained he was evicted and failed to notify police of his new address."

The court was told that following his 1996 conviction, Parker had committed order breaches in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2016. His breaches had resulted in either prison time or financial penalties.

Michael Crowe, defending, told the court Parker is in "poor physical health" and has memory issues. He said: "The best part of 30 years ago [Parker] was convicted of something he's always maintained his innocence for. He has some breaches over a period of 29 years and it is right to say he has been required to report to police on hundreds of occasions. By and large, he has managed to comply with that."

Mr Crowe said Parker had been living in temporary accommodation but was attacked by another resident and he "defended himself". He was then evicted and moved to Byker Bridge House after spending a short time living on the streets. Mr Crowe added there was "nothing sinister" in not notifying the authorities of the address change, saying: "He says because of the circumstances in which he moved, he was in some state of distress and [notifying police] simply slipped his mind."

Magistrates fined Parker £120 and ordered him to pay a £48 surcharge and £85 costs.

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