Cambridge 2023-11-30

Adriano Repetti 46

Predator who pretended to be asleep while sexually assaulting lone women on trains.

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Offender ID: O-4967


Manor Way, Fulbourn, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB21


A "predator" who pretended to be asleep while sexually assaulting lone women on trains has been jailed. 

Adriano Repetti, 46, is known to have sexually assaulted four women on trains between Cambridge and Kings Cross but police believe there could be more victims. 

Each time he would choose a seat near a lone woman, trapping them by the window. 

He would then pretend to fall asleep, then with his eyes closed he would reach out and touch his victims. 

Repetti was caught when at around 7.30pm on August bank holiday Monday (August 28) he started to touch a woman. 

He ignored her when she asked to leave the seat but the woman bravely texted British Transport Police on 61016 while he was sat next to her. 

She wrote: “I have no idea where to report this to but some guy is touching me on the train.” 

Officers met the train at Kings Cross station and Repetti was arrested. 

By a stroke of luck, another woman who saw Repetti being arrested came forward to tell officers he had also assaulted her the previous weekend (Saturday, August 19). 

An investigation revealed two more women who Repetti had sexually assaulted between July and August. 

On July 22, a 25-year-old woman had taken a photo of him as she left a train where he had targeted her. 

And on August 23 he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman who reported the incident to officers at Kings Cross. 

Detectives believe Repetti is likely to have committed more offences and have urged victims to come forward. 

When interviewed, Repetti admitted his actions but showed no remorse, saying he did not think he had targeted women. 

Repetti, of Manor Way in Fulbourn, pleaded guilty to sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault by touching. 

At Inner London Crown court on Tuesday November 21, a judge sentenced him to four years and 10 months in prison. 

Detective Constable Mark Luker, investigating, said: “Repetti’s predatory actions have traumatised his victims and they have all been deeply affected. 

"Despite this, they were brave enough to come forward to police and, thanks to their testimony, a dangerous sex offender is now behind bars. 

"Anyone using the rail network to offend in this way should know that British Transport Police have officers looking for you day and night. You will not get away with it.” 

Detective Inspector Paul Attwell, senior investigating officer in the case, said: “British Transport Police go after sex offenders with everything at our disposal, including teams of dedicated plain clothes officers, 150,000 CCTV cameras and over 100,000 texts sent to 61016 every year. 

“The importance of reports from victims and witnesses can’t be understated. Men like Repetti are the reason that text 61016 and the Railway Guardian app exist. We know how important it is that victims can silently contact police while an offender may be sitting next to them. 

“Everyone should save 61016 or download Railway Guardian before you travel so you can discreetly text us if you need us.”

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