Cambridgeshire 2024-02-21

Nathan Lovell 33

Abusing two young girls, and paying other people to abuse children on camera while he watched.
Cambridgeshire 2024-02-15

Arturas Opulskis 41

Sexually assaulted a young girl.
Cambridgeshire 2024-02-13

Scott Burke 37

Sent pictures of his dog to someone he believed to be a 13-year-old girl in a bid to groom her.
Cambridgeshire 2024-02-07

Alfred Dempster 57

Attempting to sexually assault two children.
Cambridgeshire 2023-12-12

David Graham 49

Sentenced for more than 75 cases of sexual offences against a child dating back to the early 2000s.
Cambridge 2023-11-30

Adriano Repetti 46

Predator who pretended to be asleep while sexually assaulting lone women on trains.
Cambridge 2023-11-14

Hernando Ferraro-Cordoba 61

Sex offender jailed for assaulting a woman at a gym.
Cambridge 2023-10-24

Michael Denman 34

Sent sexually explicit videos of himself to recipients he thought were children.
Cambridgeshire 2023-10-09

Andrew Bonner 56

Admits string of child sex offences.
Cambridgeshire 2023-09-01

Paul Page 49

Paedophile had indecent images of children and kept stash of weapons in shed.
Cambridgeshire 2023-08-10

Justin Barrs 25

Convicted paedophile sent back to prison after joining online group for teens.
Cambridge 2023-08-07

Kevin Brock 28

Predatory paedophile raped and sexually assaulted young girls.
Cambridgeshire 2023-08-07

Roy Seymour-Morris 62

Paedophile tried to hide a mobile phone containing indecent images of children in the sunroof of his car.
Cambridgeshire 2023-06-26

Lee Williams 56

Sex offender found with 25 category A images.
Cambridge 2023-05-02

Christopher Downes 31

Sex offender superimposed head of child he knew onto indecent image.