Lincoln 2024-07-09

David Saynor 76

Guilty of using his limousine company to groom and sexually abuse teenage girls.
Lincoln 2024-05-16

Simon Hildred 43

Convicted paedophile who instigated a campaign of harrassment against a former pupil from a school at which he had once worked.
Lincolnshire 2024-05-16

Roger Faulkner 69

Pensioner raped and groomed a young girl over an eight-month period.
Lincoln 2024-04-24

David Hunter 74

Registered sex offender who breached the terms of his prevention order three times.
Lincoln 2024-03-22

John Pycock 83

Former scout leader jailed for 14 years for sex offences against a boy.
Lincolnshire 2024-03-14

Anthony Moore 58

indecent assault on boy under the age of 16 years and indecency with a boy under 16 years of age
Lincolnshire 2024-01-22

Timothy Hayes 50

String of sexual offences against children.
Lincolnshire 2024-01-12

Jason Hoodlass 28

Paedophile abducted two young girls from a seafront arcade and then sexually assaulted them.
Lincoln 2023-12-08

Jonathan Hutton 39

Found guilty of multiple rapes and sexual assaults spanning more than 20 years.
Lincolnshire 2023-10-06

Kyle Coupland-Short 29

Pleaded guilty to causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent.
Lincolnshire 2023-09-30

Nicky Ward 42

Convicted rapist was on the run for a year after leaving his Leeds accommodation.
Lincolnshire 2023-09-27

James Moorcroft 35

Guilty of two serious sexual offences.
Lincolnshire 2023-09-26

Richard Tilley 52

Child sex offences dating back to 1990s.
Lincolnshire 2023-09-21

Alex Daly 65

Guilty of a string of historic sexual offences including rape, indecent assault, and indecency with a child.
Lincolnshire 2023-09-15

Craig Woolley 40

Sex offender who committed offences in Chesterfield jailed after trip to Skegness leisure park.