Fife 2024-01-12

Thomas Dow 41

Child molester who subjected youngsters to repeated sexual abuse and violence during a campaign of cruelty.
Fife 2023-11-30

Mark Robertson 32

Masseuse who sexually assaulted a client.
Fife 2023-11-22

Blair Mackie 49

Joiner who secretly snapped a naked picture of a 15-year-old girl with a hidden camera.
Fife 2023-11-22

Alan Somerville 45

Sending a picture of his penis and sexually explicit comments to someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl.
Fife 2023-11-15

Wilma Thomson 59

Guilty to causing another person to view a naked image.
Fife 2023-11-08

David Powell 39

Sex offender with a track record of breaching strict court orders.
Fife 2023-10-31

Liam Cunningham 25

Paedophile back on sex offenders register after police seize child abuse cache.
Fife 2023-10-18

Steven Banks 39

Raped two girls, including one he targeted for abuse from the age of 10.
Fife 2023-10-18

Michael Bowie 37

Paedophile found with dozens of child abuse images – including girls as young as four being raped.
Fife 2023-10-11

Alex Little 48

Funeral director has admitted sexually assaulting a woman at her home.
Fife 2023-10-06

John Beaumont 65

Postgraduate theology student carried out sexual assaults on fellow students.
Fife 2023-09-22

Grant McAuley 24

Pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of children.
Fife 2023-09-14

David Moran 51

Sexually abused and exploited young boys has been jailed for six years.
Fife 2023-08-17

Jody Petrie 37

Serial rapist who targeted three women.
Fife 2023-08-01

Martin Sharp 25

Government worker sexually assaulted a sleeping woman.