Devon 2024-07-05

Bradley Lulham 30

Sex offender downloaded horrific child abuse movies on his phone.
Devon 2024-06-18

Tyrone Barton 64

Convicted of 12 offences against two children that amounted to a 'campaign of rape'
Devon 2024-04-30

Darren Medland 54

Admitting 16 separate charges involving indecent assaults on two young children.
Devon 2024-04-01

Alistair Perry 52

Former Girls School headteacher guilty of indecently assaulting teen girl.
Devon 2024-03-08

Alexander Grice 54

Hospital consultant hoarded 14,000+ images and videos showing severe sexual abuse of children.
Devon 2024-02-29

Gary Campbell 60

Loitering around a play area and offering children money in exchange for them performing sex acts on him in the street.
Devon 2024-02-15

Matthew Clarke 28

Groomer who dressed up as a furry animal and met a schoolgirl for sex.
Devon 2024-01-23

Nikolay Nikolov 23

Bus pervert banned from sitting next to women.
Devon 2024-01-11

Paul Powell 56

Spying pervert jailed for massive collection of child abuse images.
Devon 2023-12-11

Michael Kellard 64

A Go-Karting instructor who sexually abused two teenagers.
Devon 2023-11-21

Aaron Bennett 33

Dangerous child sex predator sentenced to 36 years for the sexual abuse of three girls.
Devon 2023-10-04

James Pidgeon 57

Arranged to sexually abuse a child.
Devon 2023-09-18

Lewis Stewart 28

Sex offender found guilty of three counts of rape.
Devon 2023-08-01

Nicholas Ashby 41

Sexually assaulted a woman and attempted to rape another woman.
Devon 2023-07-20

David Milton 84

Child abuser persuaded primary age schoolgirls to dance naked for him.