Bideford 2023-12-01

Barry Taylor 57

Paedophile who kept a photo of a child as a screensaver on his secret phone.

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Offender ID: O-4978


Benson Drive, Northam, Bideford, Devon EX39


A sick paedophile who kept a photo of a child as a screensaver on his secret phone has been jailed. Barry Taylor, 57, hid the device in a toolbox in his shed in Northam.

When police found it in a search they discovered he had been sharing horrific images of child abuse with other paedophiles. Taylor claimed he found the phone on the street but analysis revealed he had been using it to search the internet for indecent photos.

Taylor has a history of similar offending and was described in court as someone with an entrenched sexual interest in children. He said he was terrified of going to prison but was sentenced to two and a half years.

Prosecutor Nigel Wraith said in August 2020 Taylor told his supervising police officer that he had thrown his phone in the sea after receiving threats. Police quizzed him about effectively deleting the search history on the device.

The truth was that Taylor had kept his phone and hidden it in the shed. When police found it during a search in August 2021 he said the device did not belong to him.

Police found 252 images of children on the phone. Some were in the most serious category showing the sexual abuse of babies.

They also found evidence he had shared a small number of images with two men in 2017 and 2018. Taylor's behaviour put him in breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order imposed by the courts in 2019 when he was jailed for nine months for making indecent images. The defendant, of Benson Drive, admitted breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, three offences of making by downloading indecent images of children and distributing indecent images.

Michael Green, defending, said Taylor was scared about going to prison and has caring responsibilities at home.

Judge David Evans said he had a good insight into his offending and accepted he is remorseful. He added: "You have a sexual interest in underage children. Undoubtedly this was a very serious and persistent breach that went on for some time and you failed to reveal possession of the mobile phone."

He said people should be concerned about Taylor's behaviour but there was no suggestion it had gone from online offending to contact crimes. 

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